Sculpting An Angel Abstract Motivational Artwork by Omashte

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Sculpting An Angel

My artwork is a reflection of my discovery process. I feel as though I am forever searching for the image that is hidden from view. Each time I create I am looking for the image, not making it. I feel as though I am being led to the point of “Aha, wow I found it”. So it is a funny thing that I am creating art but not really. It is being shown slowly to me as I look for it. I don’t sit down and think about what I want to paint, I put the brush in my hand and start to move it. The image itself knows what it wants to be, I am helping that to happen. Much like a baby in the womb, it will be what it was meant to be, I am the vessel through which new life pours forth. It is not mine, I am the lucky one that can present it to all of you and enjoy its beauty at the same time.

I am a strong believer in higher powers. I don’t think that we are here on our own. I believe that spirits and angels follow and protect us as we journey through our lives. Our visions are not completely our own, for our eyes and brain can only process so much. The rest of it is presented to us to do with what we please. Each person makes choices and there are results to consider as we choose. For me I enjoy falling back into the arms of my creator and anticipating the bounty of color and shape that will help me to fulfill my own enjoyment of this world. In addition to what we do see, there is beauty and joy that we cannot see. I imagine that this is what we come from and where we go back to when we are done. In the meantime we dream and we exist.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo