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Macro Glass

Friendly Fish

These are photographs of glass artwork. They were taken with a Macro lens and are a very small section of the overall object.

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Peacock Vase


These are all abstract photographs taken from a very large, very beautiful vase that has so many different colors and variations and shapes.

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Crystal Ball

Edge Of the Universe

These are all abstract photographs taken from a large glass globe that reminded me of a crystal ball 🙂

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Garden Delights

A White Wedding Of Pink And Beauty

Floral Photography : Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. ~Gerard De Nerval

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Panoramic Pleasures

Morning Magic on Howard Prairie Lake
Wide angle panoramic Landscape Photographs. I love creating panoramas. I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Pondering A Mountain

Mountains, rivers, lakes etc. I enjoy being outside and often I will take my camera with me and try and capture some of its beauty.

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Methow Valley

Patterson Lake Cabins And Mt Gardner

These are all images of the Methow Valley, located on the East Slope of the Cascade Mountain Range in the Pacific Northwest.

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Methow Valley Trails

MV Community Trail At Wolf Creek Bridge

This trail system is truly amazing. Spanning Mazama to Winthrop and lots of places in between and beyond.

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Hapuna Beach

This photograph was taken on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can see the volcano in the distance.

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Abstract Photography

Ancient Tree Reflecting The Sunrise

A very long time ago this tree started its existence here on Earth.

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In the Pua Mua botanical garden, there is an aviary with peacocks and other birds.

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Architectural Studies

Balsamroot Flowers & Mountains

This photograph was taken in Washington State, in the beautiful Methow Valley.


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Antique Collections

German Farmhouse Interior

This 1700s German Farm is located in Virginia at the Frontier Culture Museum.

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Quotes to Enjoy

Loving Beauty

I have really enjoyed pairing words with images lately.

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Abstract Flowers

A Yellow Rose Abstract Painting

Floral Digital Composite Artwork. I combine photographs, illustrations and backgrounds into original digital works of art.

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Textured Abstracts

Mysterious Beauty

Abstract Art created by fusing multiple layers of color and shape.

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Heart Shaped Box

I took some Macro photographs and moved the colors around. Then I reflected them onto themselves.

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Large Brushes

Water Enigma

Abstract Digital Composite Artwork created with large brushstroke and heavy paint effects.

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Liquid Paint

Liberty Bell Mountain

Combining photographs, illustrations and backgrounds into original digital works of art.

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50 Shades Of Grey

A Magical Face In The Water

In this mostly Black and White gallery I am letting the shades of grey wash over me in a muted symphony of undetermined ideas.

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It's Hip To Be Square

Third Eye Abstract

These are all square format images (1x1). If you are looking for a square piece, or a pair of squares, then you found the right page 🙂

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Windows Into The Wild

Brilliant Butterfly

This series of images started as pictures of an outdoor art project along the MVSTA community trail.

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Trade Routz

Flying Fantasies Of Light Abstract Painting

Welcome to the Trade Routz Picture Gallery.

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Energy Woven Into Life Abstract Living Art by Omaste Witkowski

Abstract Fabric Designs

Energy Woven Into Life

Patterns and Designs created for Fabrics and Interior Furnishings.

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Abstract Healing Art

Energy Experiences

Artwork that I have created with the purpose of emotional healing. These paintings have been crafted with love and hope and joy.

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Abstract Designs

All Eyes On Eternity

Abstract digital designs created from original illustrations and colorful Macro Photography.

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Wheels Of Enlightenment

Starlit Purple Nights

I love circles and circular artwork. Patterns with circles and mandala type circles and basically anything circular 🙂

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Vivacious Verticals

Shades Of Blue

These are all artwork that I have designed in a long format and can be ordered as a whole or as separate panels to mix and match.

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Abstract Organic Bliss

Undecided Bliss

All of the images in this gallery are created with an earthy and organic energy.

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Abstract Shapes & Symbols

Music Is Magical

Shapes and Symbols Digital Composite Artwork. I combine photographs, illustrations and backgrounds into original digital works of art.

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Go Deep

I am exploring Chakras and their corresponding colors and mixing them with my own original art patterns and designs.

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Red and Root Chakra

Red Flower Fantasy Designs

Red & Root Chakra (Muladhara) The first of the main energy centers and the most dense of them all.

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Astrology Symbols

Cancer and Root Chakra

 I am combining my own original patterns and blended colors with familiar shapes and symbols.

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Patterns of Color & Light

Passion Accepting Of Reality

I am crafting patterns with different colors and mixes of colors.

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Interior Design Partnerships

My Company is TradeRoutz livingStyle. We are an interior décor online store, and have had the pleasure and honour of acquiring artworks from Artworks. One particular project, which, to our astonishment and delight, was a cascade of enormous wonder and beauty, came about through the incredible vision and expertise of Omaste of Artworks, where she interpreted the myriad of colours of a hand-blown vase, seen through a spectrum of light, and then transferred that vision onto canvas. We have never seen anything quite like it.Through this breathtaking picture, our customers were drawn to these works of hand blown glass that we sell, and the picture itself found a home in a high profile contemporary house we had the pleasure of decorating.

There are other works of art that we have obtained from Artworks, and I can honestly say, that her work is in a league of its own. Nowhere in the art world, have I ever seen anything remotely similar or as extraordinary as the works from Artworks. Omaste has vision and talent which is a rarity today.

Artworks deliver on time. Prices are more than reasonable, and quality of all work is unsurpassed.

Deborah Mann

Interior Designer, Trade Routz Living Style

Yoga Hearts

The original piece that I created all of these Patterns from was named Yoga Pose. I felt a very Zen energy from these colors and a warm sense of relaxation. I am also seeing the end of Summer and the start to fall. The last vibrant days of a season run its course and a new awakening to the next chapter in life.

More Yoga Hearts

Falling In Love

The hearts drawn lovingly into the design are enough to invoke amorous feelings and then the colors sweeten the sensations. I am enjoying the soft spring awakening that comes through in these images and I hope that you can envision a soft meadow and the first flowers enticing the sunshine to stay a little longer each day.

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Spring Into Silks

It is springtime again and I am loving these luscious colors. I am dreaming of a warm day and gentle silken fabric skimming my skin. A gentle breeze and a warm invitation to imagine colorful dreams. Each of these colors corresponds to a Chakra and each of them is waiting to be explored separately.

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Hard Candy Crush

These images remind me of Hard Candy. The colors are visually tempting and mouth watering in their intensity. The designs are fairly intricate and invite the imagination on a wild journey of discovery and anticipation.

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Turquoise Treats

I have designed each of these pieces to have a strong turquoise element in each one. I really love this color and it reminds me so much of the colorful jewelry my Dad used to bring me back from Arizona. I can imagine warm days and bright blue skies.

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Tribal Colors

I am having a fun time with these bold colors, a mask-like pattern and a faint underlying Design. I am only using a strong Red, Green, Blue and Yellow color palette.

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Wheel Of Fortune

Around and Around and Around we go. I saw a few spinning wheels in this design and I was compelled to interpret them in many ways. I started with a basic black and white pattern and a background design. Then I spent hours and hours changing elements and making sets of 4. You can see how they subtly change and yet stay the same.

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Hard Candy

The colors I have used in these designs always make my mouth water. They are just kind of luscious to me :-) I am drawn into the center of the image and then I make my way back to the edge. My sense are alive in anticipation and delight.

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Circles Of Spring Delight

I really love circles. Drawing them, seeing them and imagining them. Circles invoke curiosity for me. They are encapsulating a space and defining an idea. You can go round and round and come back to the same place. This gallery is circular in origin and embraces spectacular colors.

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Abstract Organic Bliss

These images are using a technique of focusing on one design and at least one original illustration. The layers of oil paint are added as a visual block and pattern element. These can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create multiple images with one pattern. I used the original image of Undecided Bliss as a starting image. This series of work is intended with the colors, shapes and overall energy of the original design.

5×7 Illustrations

Whispering Dimensions

Finishing One Story Allows Another To Begin. Trust In Transitions ~Omaste Witkowski

I named this final image “Whispering Dimensions”. I am getting the feeling of voices from other places here.

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Fabrics, Interior Designs & Colors

Browse through my portfolio of design options. Each project gallery contains unique designs, patterns and colors. Each of these can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways. The possibilities are endless....


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Motivational Artwork

When people are supported in becoming self aware they will be able to motivate inspired changes in their lives which in turn will help them to identify, define and discover success in their own lives. Our products encourage people to surround themselves with who and what inspires them on a personal level. We are creating artwork and merchandise that gives people access to their favorite motivational authors, speakers and brands via items created with uplifting quotes, themes and original artwork. Website coming soon….

Boise Art Consulting

Here you will find inspirational and uplifting artwork for your home or office. We offer a wide variety of artwork, photography and graphic designs and if we don’t have what you want, we will make it for you.

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