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A creative problem solver assisting, supporting and promoting entrepreneurs and business owners with their visions ideas and agendas. My goal is always to help create successful solutions by utilizing extensive experience in all aspects of company operations, management, human resources and ongoing business processes, planning and development.

Playing an integral part in making peoples dreams come true. A passion for websites, marketing and technology has enabled the development of a wide variety of skills ranging from search engine optimization, UX/UI design, writing code, inbound sales & marketing, graphic design, photography, technical project management, team building and professional networking.

From where I started in a small town in Washington State, my career has allowed me to digitally travel the world and align with a variety of people all the way from India to the Ukraine, London, New York, Arizona, Seattle & now Boise.

Web Development & Marketing

My goal is to design, develop and optimize websites that are for companies looking to generate more traffic, leads and sales. Code is an important part of overall optimization and my sites are attractive, user friendly and rank highly in search.

UX, Visual & Graphic Design

At work, I specialize in UX Design, Visual and Graphic Design. My aim is always to create a balanced experience that solves a problem for the user and additionally creates a solution that is visually pleasing, simple to navigate and effective.

Graphics & Photography

Raised in a small town on the east slope of the Cascade mountain range, I value simplicity and beauty in all forms. I love nature, photography and technology. And can guarantee you that on any given day I will be enjoying at least one of them.




Washington State University, Pullman, WA



Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA



Shoreline Community College, Seattle, WA



Private Consulting, Boise, ID

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Private consulting at a leadership level to ensure the design and development of cohesive user experiences via websites that are optimized for search, social and mobile. Beginning with gathering requirements, brainstorming, designing, prototyping and then developing. In addition to creating custom icons and graphics, research is conducted to understand what is unique and relevant for each client’s market, brand and message.


Private Consulting, Boise ID
2014 -Present

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Well-designed posts, infographics and designs earn the attention of customers and makes it easy to be found. The focus is on branding, social media and digital marketing strategies including quality content that pulls people to your website, company and product, where they naturally want to be. Responsible for aligning all content on the site with the customer’s interests and naturally attracting inbound organic traffic that can then be directed as inbound leads and sales opportunities.


Bear Creek Lumber, Winthrop Wa

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Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business and 2nd in command to the owner of the company. Duties based on acting as a bridge between the owners, board of directors and management in order to develop, maintain and implement the businesses processes, policies and procedures.

Directly responsible for yearly budgets and reporting for all departments. Worked with local banks, professionals and CPA to coordinate financial strategies, contract negotiations, lines of credit, and auditing. Oversight of research, specifications and purchasing for all departments including technology, software, office, shipping and supplies. Accountable on a daily basis for overseeing the bookkeeping, AP/AR, insurance, legal issues, HR, employee benefits, and personal development including management and employee reviews. Integral to winning team SBA business of the year award.


Bear Creek Lumber – Winthrop, WA

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Responsible for maintaining a company-wide marketing plan inclusive of budgeting and strategy for websites, blogs, social media, monthly e-newsletter and print ads in select magazines and newspapers. Integration of an enterprise wide print, digital and mobile strategy that started with identifying our target market, user personas and company goals. Using keywords and phrases throughout all of our marketing materials we were able to grow a small business into a worldwide internet presence. Expertise with Adobe software, digital cameras and other hardware and software tools that were used to create graphic designs, logos, company brochures, packaging designs, advertisements, promotional materials, banners, icons and buttons for print specifications, internal communication and websites.


Bear Creek Lumber – Winthrop, WA

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Responsible for the UX/UI design, multiple re-designs and development of the company website and the UX/UI & project management of a CRM/ERP system that replaced paper & excel forms to create a paperless office. The application managed systems and processes for employees, customers and operations. Built in integration for leads, purchasing and delivery as well as overall satisfaction. UX /UI, coding and project management for an award winning mobile application written for both iOS & Android platforms. Commercial photography for clients, company products and finished jobs


Bear Creek Lumber – Winthrop, WA

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Responsible for maintaining a cross platform network of servers, routers, firewalls, mobile devices, laptops and desktop workstations. Including all software, hardware and associated peripheral devices. Wired and then re-wired an Ethernet network to connect multiple offices and buildings. Maintained a proficiency to utilize the best technologies whether they were Windows, Mac, Mobile, Open source or any web language. Researched whatever made the most sense to solve a problem or find a solution.


Graphic Design

Social Media


Inbound Sales

Agile UX

Inbound Marketing

Customer Service

Creative Content

Responsive Layout


Top Search Results

SEO skills that ranked my client’s sites 3rd in search among 1,118,180 results. Identified keywords and phrases that were important for eCommerce and then optimized all advertising and digital marketing for top placement in search engines.

Designed & Developed Paperless Office

Coordinated the functions of all departments to eliminate redundancy and waste both internal & external. Created paperless tech driven office by designing and developing our own CRM/ERP website.

Award Winning Mobile App

Designed and developed an award winning sales integrated mobile app used by our employees, free to our customers and sold on both the Apple and Android stores.

Accounting System

As CFO, I designed and developed an accounting system that integrated with a customized ERP/CRM, proprietary company software website, business website and overall business operations.


Negotiated larger discounts with ongoing suppliers every year in at least one area of operation and many times across multiple departments.


Agile Team

As COO, I developed an Agile team of managers that transformed business operations, increased profitability and doubled sales volumes. This team was awarded a Washington State SBA award based on its awesomeness 🙂

Boise Weekly

Graphic Artwork featured on the cover of the Boise Weekly in the Treefort Music Festival issue.

Magazine Cover

Cover art and Graphics Feature in IEEE Computer Graphics & Animations magazine. This bimonthly magazine bridges the theory and practice of computer graphics, from specific algorithms to full system implementations.

Technical Background

Adobe CC

Product Management

Photography & Graphics

HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Search Engine Optimization

Visual Design


Washington SBA Business of the Year

Best of Houzz 2015 – Client Satisfaction

2009 Builder News : Product of the Year

Best of Houzz 2015 – Design


Quinn Brown

Riverview Dental
(208) 888-5544
Boise, ID

Molly LaChapelle

Winthrop, WA

Stephanie Smith

Idaho First Bank
Boise, ID

Chad Nelson

CTN Consulting
Boise, ID

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