Early Morning Magic Abstract Painting Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

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Early Morning Magic

Have you seen that first light of day. The time when the world is awakening and the birds are singing. The blue of the sky shimmers brightly and the green plants are glowing. All of life is venturing forth into what lies ahead. In this particular space, a bouquet of garlic flowers is keeping company with illuminated glass. The flowers are growing and the glass is glowing. Both are a joy to behold and a treasure to enjoy on this bright summer morning.

Sunlight brings growth and renewal. Without it we would be hard pressed to survive. As it brings its rays to our lives we are enlightened and supported by the loving warmth. This light beckons to the cellular processes that cause spirits to rise and buds to open. They know what to do when they sense the call of creation and we know what to do when we feel the warmth on our skin. Move again, try again, make it better this time. Every day gives us another chance to experience our improvements and our challenges. Another chance to escape the tender bounds of our encasing shell and burst forth into the possibilities awaiting us all.




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