Keeper Of The Light Flowers Motivational Artwork by Omashte

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My garden is a favorite place of mine. I create and I nurture and I enjoy. I love the spring blooms and bright colors. The whole cycle is such a treat and I look forward to every new year and what it will bring. You never know what will come back and what will be new. Flowers bring light and life to my garden. I am fortunate that I get to see them year after year when they return again to bring a smile to my outdoor life. I have cultivated many flowers in my garden, and for some reason I seem to have an easier time growing flowers than I do vegetables. I am not exactly sure why but I don’t dwell on it too much. I tend to explore with my camera and look for unique qualities about each one. It is really fun to study the minute details. Each year, each flower is unique and I get a chance to document this evolution and progress as I wander.

I enjoy the way that flowers bloom and also the way that they fade when they are done blooming. There is beauty and mystery to each phase of life. This flower is nearly done with it’s job for the year and it is ready to sleep for another season or so. I love the way that the petals hang on to the last minute. Trying to absorb as much sunshine from this place, and enough nutrients, to see it through until next year. If the flower is successful in capturing this energy then it will reappear again to delight us with it’s showy presence and the cycle begins again….



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