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I named this picture Budding Beauty. Believe it or not this picture started as a photograph that I took of a sunflower bud. This photograph was taken in Winthrop Wa (Washington State), in the beautiful Methow Valley. The Methow is a small jewel of an area not too far from Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Okanogan County is such a great place to live for all of the sunshine and outdoors recreation.
My garden in the spring is a magical place to be. Here in Winthrop this flower will show up in about June depending on where exactly you live. Twisp, Winthrop, Mazama and Carlton each have their own time when it blooms. Seattle has a much longer growing season than we do.

I enjoy taking photographs and then using Adobe Photoshop and various filters and digital tools to alter the original photography. This picture was created using the Fractalius filter and I really enjoy the soft spiky curves and sensual feeling.

Let me know what you imagine as your imagination wanders and you explore what there is to see in here.