True Love Abstract Motiational Artwork Digital Painting by Omashte

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True Love never burned so bright as it did in this moment. I feel as though I captured almost raw emotion in this painting. I lovingly moved my brushes and felt as though I was connecting with the colors and shapes in a primitive way.

When I sit down to create a painting my body feels so alive. Anticipation runs through my veins and at times I have to remind my self to breathe. I get so caught up in the moment and so entirely focused on discovering the spirit that resides here. In some ways I am reminded of people chasing leprechauns looking for gold. I am chasing them looking for works of art that are hidden to the world. It is my joy to unleash their beauty and share it with the world.

I feel a strong connection to this saying “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” by Pablo Picasso. Personally, I am inspired by action. Unless I am active I am not inspired to create. Dreaming is what I do in an inactive state, creating art is done in an entirely different mental space.

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