Fantasy Life Abstract Motivational Artwork by Omashte

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Fantasy Life

What do you see here? I am loving the blue color I have invoked. It sits calmly in the center of the screen just waiting for your eye to wander there. What is is and where did it come from. Is this blue void going to swallow us whole or just wait patiently until our eyes are ready to melt into it. Explore all of the textures and color variations. I have painted many wonderful mysteries into this scene.

I enjoy digital painting and photography. My images are all representative of this. I like to start with my camera and see what I can discover and then go to my computer and again see what I can discover. Art is a discovery process for me when I am free to create. I like to let my imagination wander and see what I come up with. Not all of it is worth sharing but some of my work is very exciting to me and I really hope that you will enjoy it as well.