Spiritual Intoxication Abstract Motivational Artwork by Omashte

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The title of this photo.painting is Spiritual Intoxication

I am thinking of the feeling that I get when I wander in the woods. A special sense of wonder and excitement. I feel slightly dizzy as my senses struggle to absorb all of the sensory stimulation that I am encountering. A forest carries scents of pine and the sweet smell of the outdoors. This smell tends to absorb my consciousness as my eyes drink in all of the colors and details painted into my surroundings. Overall I feel a sense of spiritual intoxication as I explore.

Sitting near moving water I am always mesmerized by the sounds and smells of the river or stream. Whether or not I hear soft tinkling, or more of a growling roar, depends on how fast and furious the liquid is moving. I am in awe of the power and beauty of water. Almost otherworldly in its viscous state, it brings out the most intense creative urges in me. Alternately I want to sit and be hypnotized by the experience.

This painting represents leaves softly absorbing light by the bank of a river. The spirits of this bush are dancing in the light and just waiting for an audience. Come play with us they tinkle softly as they sway in the breeze. Bright green and gold are decorating this new life as it grows contently and dreams quietly.

Do you ever sit and quietly contemplate the minute details of our world. In my opinion our world is an ever changing portrait painted by the ultimate master artists. Dive deeper into the everyday compositions that surround us and see if you can detect the hidden messages crafted into all of creation. From small to large we are all connected by the very essence of what we are and if you take the time to really search for it you will find the hidden beauty.





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