Water Enigma Abstract River Artwork by Omaste witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Water is the driving force of all nature. ~Leonardo da Vinci

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Water Enigma Abstract River Artwork


Water is a constantly changing environment for the imagination to roam freely around. I can visualize any image I want to on the surface of water. It can be a reflection from the past or a new inroad onto an old idea. Some of my daydreams bring me closer to the space I am currently in and other times I am transported to a future that I am free to dream of now. I have always been in touch with what I can’t quite see and I am comfortable just knowing that I don’t know. My life is what I make of it and so much of that is beyond what I can see in a day. So my imagination fills in the gaps and enables me to move forward with the goals I set for myself.

This picture started out as a photograph I took of the river water flowing over rocks. After I brought it into my computer I applied a few different filters and adjusted the colors until they were bright and alive. In the end i wanted to create an imaginative interpretation of what energies might be flowing and vibrant beneath the waves. Namaste